Entering and using this website will default to accepting the user agreement of this website. This Company is a legitimate Internet gaming organization. Customers interested in participating in games of the Company, should comply with relevant legal provisions of their country or area of residence. In case of questions, you should seek local legal advice.

Gaming Declaration
1. This website is an integrated game platform that integrates other third-party game providers for users to use. The websites of different game providers have different terms of use or agreements, and users must read and accept the terms of use of these websites. The company will not check the relevant terms of third-party websites, and will not be responsible for anything related to these websites.

2. If customers of this game have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact your account administrator to follow up the incident. If customers continue to participate in the game, it means that customers understand and accept the problems that occur. The Company reserves the right in this matter to not provide any explanation or follow up. Please be aware!

3. Users are requested to ensure a stable network for the games. Customers must understand and accept network instability due to speed issues. The company does not accept complaints from customers who use wireless devices to participate in games.

4. For game issues caused by network factors, final results will be determined according to the company's database. The user shall not object to the gaming record as shown.

5. In the event of an unpreventable man-made disaster or acts of sabotage leading to site failure, data corruption, or data loss, etc, final processing data will be determined according to the final data on this site. To protect your personal interests, customers should retain or print betting data as a record, in order for the Company to accept complaints.

6. The Company reserves the right to void game results if it is determined that a customer gamed an abnormal way.

7. If the third-party game supplier’s website encountered a human error in a game, the company will resolve the matter according to the resolution decided by the third-party game supplier and the user must not object the company's decision.

Special Declaration
1. Users should comply with local laws for online gaming.

2. In order to avoid any disputes, users participating in all games on this site, or before logging out, should check whether their membership account information is correct. If any errors are found, please contact an account administrator immediately. If customers are unable to provide sufficient information, all information in their accounts and records will be determined according to the site database. Users shall accept this as final.

3. This site only provides services for users of legal age. Users should note the legal age limit of their area of residence. Users can only use this site's services if they do not violate age restrictions.

4. The company does not accept any liability for breach of local laws.

5. The user is obliged to protect their own username and password. They shall not pass their username or password to any third party to use this website and games. In the event of this occurring, all responsibility must be borne entirely by the user.

6. Users installing, using or participating any games in this platform are deemed to comply with local age restrictions, fully understands and accepts the contents of this Agreement.